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Mary Popovich, Paramedic



Working with those who Protect and Serve our communities


As a volunteer Paramedic, Mary Popovich has served her community as an emergency responder for many years. She has experienced the challenges and dangers that our police, fire departments, and emergency services face on a daily basis. Having been on the front lines herself, Mary knows how well-trained, properly equipped first responders can save lives in the event of an emergency or disaster.

As Mayor of West Newton for the past eight years, Mary has worked with police, fire, and emergency officials at the local and county level to fight crime and drug abuse, and to improve community safety.

As our State Representative, Mary will be a strong voice for our police, fire departments, and emergency services. She will work to maintain proper funding for these important services, and to improve access to training. Mary will always support and continue her partnership with those who protect and serve our communities to keep us safe. 


Mary Popovich with firefighters

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