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Social Security & Pensions

Americans who have paid into social security during their working years must have these funds protected.  People have paid into their pensions so they have a secure retirement. They earned it and worked for it.  Voting empowers you to stand up for protecting these funding sources that have been put in place to ensure security in your twilight years.  Stand with me, together we can create change. Vote Nov. 6th, Mary Popovich for PA State Representative in the 58th District. 

According to staff writer Christian Worstell, Staff writer for TZ Helath Media, "The importance of Medicare and Medicaid boils down to this: These programs provide health insurance for seniors, the disabled and people of low-income. In other words, the programs help people obtain health care when they otherwise may not be able to afford it."

Social Security is not a gift. Medicare is not a gift. As a working person, you pay into Social Security and Medicare through deductions in your paycheck. This is your money.

The current administration does not care! Their goal to put these programs on the chopping block, to pay for tax cuts for the rich. That is not in your interest!!

As your state representative, I will work every day to protect Social Security and Pensions so you get what you deserve.

Vote your interests. Vote for Mary Popovich November 6th

Source:  Accessed 9-25-2018

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