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The Issues that Face Us


The minimum wages must be attached to the cost of living!


Education must have a dedicated funding stream. The tax burden on property owners must be relieved.  Corporate loophole closure and severance tax would fund schools and decrease the budget crisis in PA.

Drug Recovery

Addiction is a disease and must be treated psychologically and physiologically.  I am dedicated to funding treatment facilities to heal the whole person.

First Responders

We must support and protect first responders.  They perform essential services for our safety!


Transparency is the way local, state and federal government was meant to be. Government for the people and by the people!

Social Security & Pensions

I am committed to protecting the promise of Social Security and keeping pensions and social security away from private stock market investors. 

Importance of Unions!

Strong Unions are the basis for the economic stability of our families and our state!

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